Feeding Therapy Program Café Club

Feeding therapy is an intervention service provided by speech language pathologists and occupational therapists to help children with a wide array of feeding difficulties.

Sky Bridge Therapies’ Pediatric Feeding Program begins with an interdisciplinary evaluation conducted by certified speech language pathologists and occupational therapists. The collaborative approach allows for a comprehensive assessment of your child’s oral motor and swallowing function, sensory processing and food aversions, as well as behavior during mealtime.

After the assessment, both the speech and occupational therapists work to develop a plan of care based on data they collected, family input, as well as heath, cultural, and social considerations.

Based on your child’s needs, therapy may consist of individual or group feeding sessions designed to include a variety oral motor and sensory experiences to help your child become a better eater. The symptoms of feeding difficulties that require feeding therapy can vary and not all children will experience all symptoms.

Michelle Lane, Feeding Therapist

Our Pediatric Feeding Program provides an interdisciplinary approach to feeding therapy services for children with a variety of feeding difficulties and their families.

Good nutrition is necessary to promote optimal growth and development. Research has shown that malnourished children are less active and have a decreased attention span often affecting their schooling and social functioning.

Preventive nutrition services, as well as assisting with identified feeding difficulties can help ensure a well-nourished child who is healthy, can actively participate in school and therapy services, and is better able to function in all activities of daily life.