Children naturally experience behaviors associated with ADHD to a degree, but children with ADHD often have significant difficulty getting back on track. For school aged kids, it may seem to their teacher that they are not invested in school, are not working to their potential and are overly dependent upon the teacher. Unfortunately, these struggles can lead to stress, anxiety and poor self-esteem that, if left untreated, can overlap into adulthood.

If your child is experiencing these symptoms and they are significantly affecting your child’s ability to learn, participate in and perform activities expected of them at home, at school and their community environments, then a diagnosis and intervention should be sought by a medical professional.

Treatment has been controversial for the last several decades and usually involves medication, lifestyle changes and behavior modification. However, many children with ADHD are found to have sensory processing and self-regulation difficulties that contribute to their lack of attention, focus and concentration. Children will often display “sensory seeking” behaviors that may include movement, touch, visual and auditory stimulating tasks and activities that interfere with their day-to-day lives.

Occupational Therapy can help and is often a first step or preferred approach for many before medication. Our therapists work with parents to develop “sensory diets” for home use. Therapists also teach core concepts from various sources such as the Alert Program, Zones of Regulation and Brain Gym. Sky Bridge therapists can also help children and families learn how to recognize their body’s needs and how to engage in activities to help with self-regulation. Engaging children in activities is necessary in order to provide effective treatment. Sky Bridge therapists use basic yoga poses, musical instruments and games to engage children in therapeutic activities to make therapy fun.