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Update regarding COVID-19

Hello Families – We wanted to provide an update in light of Governor Inslee’s most recent orders.

Sky Bridge Therapies continues to respect and adhere to the laws set forth by Governor Inslee with regard to COVID-19 safety.

Our social distancing procedures, increased daily sanitization efforts, and nightly hospital-grade cleanings will remain in effect until these measures are no longer necessary. Additionally, teletherapy will continue to be offered where appropriate as an option to provide our families with increased flexibility in treatment options.  Our insurance verification team will ensure that teletherapy is covered prior to services being rendered and advise families if their insurance is no longer authorizing teletherapy services due to COVID-19.  Children under 2 and children with most diagnoses seen at Sky Bridge Therapies are not required to wear masks in clinic.

Please feel free to contact the Clinic Founder, Wendy Cochran, with any questions you may have regarding this decision or teletherapy options. We are here to help!

Thank you,

Wendy Cochran & Dianna Finlay


Welcome to Sky Bridge Therapies

Sky Bridge Therapies started from the hopes of parents whose autistic sons needed a variety of services and a dedication to delivering them to make the most out of their lives. The hopes were that a group of highly motivated professional therapists could be brought together in our community to develop a first class interactive therapy center with the most advanced equipment/facilities and techniques to energize and enhance the lives of children with developmental challenges.

With Sky Bridge Therapies, the high hopes of parents whose children deserve advanced therapy opportunities have become a reality. We have combined a vision for support for parents and children with some of the areas brightest and most energetic therapists working together to provide the best experience possible for the children and their therapists.

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Posted by Sky Bridge Therapies on Tuesday, July 2, 2019

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